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Kia Ora means "Hello" in the native language of New Zealand, Maori.


Welcome to a slice of New Zealand.

When I was 20 years old, I had the opportunity to spend a year abroad. During my year in New Zealand,

I acquired many new hobbies, but my obsession with eating pies is the only one that matters.


I have spent the last decade here at home in Canada, perfecting the perfect Kiwi pie. 

From a hobby to the market, 'cause these beauts are too good not to share!

Breakfast, lunch or dinner - we’ve got you covered!

"Best. Savoury. Pies. I've. Ever. Had. Full stop bar none."

- J. From (A totally non-biased customer, also known as my boyfriend.)

Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 5.43.57 pm.png



Hi, I'm Lauren. It's pronounced Laur-ren, you know, like Ralph Lauren. Don't worry, everyone just calls me Ren.

I love to cook and travel, but most importantly, I love my cats Dallas and Milo and my dog Walter.

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